Buy Lunch for Your Project Team

There are a lot of food related phrases that can be thrown around over here that say exactly how important food is to the soul; basically our mental and physical well-being depends on it. But even more than food itself, … Continue reading

Do Not Let Team Mood Ruin Your Project!

Project management is not just about creating Gantt charts, making budgets, defining scope and tracking costs. It’s also about collaborating, teamwork, influencing and building a team that generates optimal results, all in a very complex environment. Mounting pressure, deadlines and … Continue reading

PMP Exam Prep Tips for Frequent Travelers

Do you have a spouse with a nomadic occupation? Or is it your own job that consists of frequent transfers, postings or international conferences? Such circumstances make life very uncertain and it becomes impossible to improve your resume with additional … Continue reading

Make Or Buy Analysis, Made Simple

Jose, a project manager for a large software implementation company, is working on the project plan. The business analyst, Mary, mentions a third party tool which can fulfill some of the business requirements on the project. She talks highly about … Continue reading

Project Charter, Made Simple

Imagine that you are a Project Manager working for the city of Newtown, Alaska. Do you think you can wake up one day and decide to spend municipality’s money to build a Gym & Indoor Pool for the city? Of … Continue reading

Communication Channels, Made Simple

Project Managers Are Communicators First ! Project communications management is probably the most important portion of the project plan, yet many people don’t fully plan for dealing with the number and complexity of communications throughout a project.  How important are … Continue reading

Portfolio & Program Management, Made Simple

With ever-increasing focus on delivering return on investment (ROI) in business, many organizations have implemented Program Management and Portfolio Management functions to improve project success levels. Do you know the similarities and differences between them? Let’s take a closer look at what Program … Continue reading

Critical Thinking in Project Management

Whether you passed your Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam or not, as a project manager you are constantly making decisions and probably face an onslaught of demands in all directions. Not everyone excels in critical thinking.  It can be tricky … Continue reading

Taking Advantage of PMP Study Groups

Now that you have made the decision to take the PMP certification exam, the next step is to prepare. Some people really enjoy additional companionship, support, and competitiveness that PMP study groups can provide.  Others though, prefer the solitude and … Continue reading

Getting Status Updates on Your Projects

Receiving regular and reliable status updates from team members and sub-suppliers is critical for a Project Manager.  It allows you to strategically plan, identify any possible risks or delays early on, and to proactively make changes or mitigate potential problems … Continue reading

Methodology vs. Standard in Project Management

Like any profession, Project Management involves a variety of integral standards, processes and practices. The study of Project Management involves learning and understanding both the standards and the methodologies. Many question and debate what the difference is between standards and … Continue reading

Getting Results Without Authority

Many times there will be projects you are responsible for managing that involve co-workers that you have no real direct authority over.  They do not report to you but to a different functional manager within the organization.  However, you are … Continue reading

PMP Application Audit – Quick Tips

1- If your Application is audited by the PMI By applying to take the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam you also automatically agree to comply with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) audit terms. The PMI clearly writes about this in … Continue reading

Everybody Hates Meetings, But…

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Countless people have made the observation than nobody likes meetings. While that’s probably a bit of an exaggeration, and there are a few people out there who enjoy going to meetings, there can’t … Continue reading