Buy Lunch for Your Project Team

There are a lot of food related phrases that can be thrown around over here that say exactly how important food is to the soul; basically our mental and physical well-being depends on it. But even more than food itself, it’s the act of sharing it with others that makes it such a pleasant experience. Food brings people together, and there’s nothing like sharing some laughter over a nice meal. So for a Project Manager, it’s a no-brainer to treat their team to a lunch from time to time, as the essence of the job is team work. Here’s why you should buy your project team a lunch one of these days:

Get to know your people

As a project leader, you need to get to know the people working for you, and while there is lots of chances of doing that during work hours, the sad truth is that it’s really difficult to open up to your boss in a strict work environment. In a more casual setting, with some good food and drinks, you can get to know the real person within, their likes and dislikes. What makes them tick and what motivates them, how important is their family to them, all of this you cannot find out in the office, and are things that can really help you manage your team effectively.

Create a Bond

Sharing meals with your underlings outside the confines of the office will not only help you create a bond with them but will also create one in between co-workers, especially if the team has just been put together for a specific project. For a project team that needs to work together hand in hand, this can be a great asset. They are more likely to see eye-to-eye and work with each other in harmony, solving problems and helping each other out in hours of need. They will go above and beyond for each other, and will go above and beyond for you.

Develop loyalty

When you get to know your team on a personal level, listen to their problems and share stories and laughter with them in a casual setting, they get to know you as more than just a project director; they get to know you as a person. This can go a long way in fostering loyalty in them towards you. They will be more willing to listen to you and trust you to guide them, and will take the project at hand more seriously. As a Project Manager, you will be able to delegate and count on your workforce a lot more.

Boost Morale and Performance

Everybody loves a party; it gives a good respite from work, you can get together with people and have some fun, and you can meet new people and create new friendships. All of this directly affects work performance, and especially in project management where deadlines are short and stress levels are high, it is good to unwind from time to time and give your mind a rest. It lets you take a step back from work and enjoy a change of scenery to put things in perspective. It helps your mind work better. Plus, team members will be working together, and the overall work environment will be more friendly, which will keep everyone motivated and will improve performance, allowing you to lead best project team and meet challenges head on.

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