Impact of Physical Exercise on Daily Project Management Activities

It doesn’t take rocket science to know that incorporating physical exercise into your daily routine has immense benefits that pervade every aspect of life. A Job like Project Management, however, with the daily expectations, risks and responsibilities culminating into an overload of stress, can reduce the best of us to a pile of hyperventilating nerves. For such demanding jobs it is especially a great idea to take out time for a workout before you breakdown and compromise the entire project and possibly your career.

Daily physical activity can discretely help you carry out your daily project management duties with more ease and stay on top of things, and here’s how:

·        Reduces Stress

Probably the worst thing about the job is the immense amount of ongoing mental pressure that comes with it. Meeting deadlines, dealing with crisis, quality, budget, and safety regulations and expectations, and communicating with sponsors and suppliers are just a few of the things you’re probably worrying about as you’re reading this. The thought of being accountable and responsible for it all can make anyone go into a fetal position in the corner of their office.

Daily physical exercise will give you a chance to blow off some steam in a healthy way, clear your mind and re-align your focus so you can keep giving a 110% to your projects. It can help lift your mood, and improve your confidence so you can face daily challenges head on.

·        Improves Strength and Endurance

Most projects require a lot of physical running around on the manager’s part, so that inspections can be made and on-site analysis can be carried out. Physical exercise helps you stay in shape and improves your muscle strength and endurance, which means you do not get tired easily and can fit in a lot of tasks into your daily routine. You can also count on fewer sick days, so you can keep performing at your best to meet deadlines.

·        Boosts Energy

Physical activities, while burning calories, can provide you with high levels of energy by delivering oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and improving the efficiency of your cardiovascular system. This translates into a healthier heart and lungs, so you can handle daily tasks with more agility, not get over-worked or over-whelmed easily, and end your day feeling great about yourself.

·        Improves Quality of Sleep and Mental Function

Daily sport relaxes you, and so your everyday stresses don’t keep you awake all night. You can fall asleep easier, and deepen your sleep to wake up fresh next morning. Exercise and better sleep also improve your mental function and health, which in turn helps you solve daily problems and deal with issues through creative thinking and innovative ideas and methods. You can think more clearly and with focus, and come up with new ways of doing things to improve work flow and quality.

Daily physical exercise can improve your physical and mental strength to new levels, which can help you deal with your daily demanding project management tasks with more efficiency, garnering high quality results without turning your brain into mush. With a happier healthier you, a stress-free work environment can be built and your team members can stay motivated. So have a run and release all your tension to improve your Project Management skills even further.


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