Using Exam Simulators for your PMP Exam Prep

Taking the PMP Exam can be one of the most important and difficult things you will have to do. The prep time requires you to be incredibly focused on your studies, and various study guides, books, mock exams and training videos can help you be prepared for the final exam. However, no matter how much you know, the day of the exam, you might find yourself unprepared to apply that knowledge and perform well. This is because exam prep is more than just studying; it is having a game plan, an exam taking strategy, and knowing what the questions are actually asking and not getting overwhelmed or ahead of yourself.

These skills are something no book or training video can teach, as they differ from person to person and every individual has to come up with their own strategy. The best way to discover yours and to learn how to apply it is to use exam simulators.

PMP Exam Simulators create an authentic PMP Exam environment and puts you in the middle of it to give you a taste of what the actual exam will be like. The questions are structured like the real exam and you will feel like it is actually the big day, so you will have a real and accurate idea of where you stand in terms of your preparation.

Online PMP packages, such as the ones offered by PM Champion, offer a complete step-by-step prep plan which includes study plans, video training, chapter tests and formula guides, all based on and integrated with your PMBOK to help you prepare for the exam. Included in this is an exam simulator, which you should take after you have taken all other steps and are thoroughly sure that you are ready. However, do not expect to be perfect on your first try. Exam simulators let you take several complete exams so you can keep trying till you have perfected your exam strategy. You will start to see improvement with every test you take, so don’t be discouraged and treat it as a learning experience.

What you can achieve with a PMP Exam Simulator

–          With a PMP Exam Simulator, you will be able to practice several exams under authentic and realistic test conditions, so you will have a good idea of what you are in for. This way, you will not be taken off guard or be overwhelmed on the big day.

–          This will help you learn to manage your time effectively and efficiently.

–          You will also gain confidence and reduce study time, with a realization that you know your stuff, and also which areas you need to concentrate on specifically.

–          You will formulate your test strategies and learn to apply them effectively. For instance if there are topics that you have to memorize you will become aware and start planning for it.

–          You will also know exactly how much you are improving and how long you have left to go. You will also know when you are absolutely ready for the real thing.

PMP Exam Simulators are definitely a great tool to aid you in your studies. They are the perfect way to gauge your preparation in a realistic way, so you can truly be prepared for the big day.


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