PMP Exam Prep Tips for Frequent Travelers

Do you have a spouse with a nomadic occupation? Or is it your own job that consists of frequent transfers, postings or international conferences? Such circumstances make life very uncertain and it becomes impossible to improve your resume with additional credentials and certifications. Rest assured, that even with such an erratic schedule, you can successfully study for your PMP Exam and pass with flying colors. There are a few things that you will need to do first:

Devise a Study Plan

The most important thing to do, after you make your decision and decide on an approximate exam date is to devise a strategy. Here you need to prove exactly why you should be PMP certified in the first place by thinking of your exam as your first and most important project. Here’s what you can do:

  • Draw out a schedule based on the length of your program, and on your routine. Leave a margin for the changes that frequently take place in your life and the time consumed in transit or in moving in and out of houses. You can either specify a certain number of hours spent studying, or study goals to reach in one day, for example, complete one chapter, or learn and understand 5 new concepts. Also, give yourself test days in between, adjusting the plan according to the results, and a day off at least once a week to do something fun.
  • Stick to the plan, as the plan itself will fall apart if you don’t follow it to the letter. Complete the daily task on the time that you have put aside for studying, and don’t get distracted by your Facebook friends or the latest episode of Game of Thrones.
  • Find a studying spot that is quiet and peaceful, with zero distractions. If you’re on a business trip and staying in a hotel, find a quiet hall or a café. If you’ve moved to a new town visit the local library, if you’re in transit, find a quiet lounge.

Join an Online Course

Online PMP courses provide you with not only a well organized strategy, but also with extra materials and mock exam simulations to help you prepare even better. Since you will not have the benefits a physical institute and instructors can offer, these courses will prove extremely beneficial to not only learning, but also understanding the material. PM Champion provides the Gold and Platinum package, complete with video tutorials, formula guide, exam simulator, Q/A support and email courses, and all for competitive prices. All this can be downloaded onto your laptop and can be taken wherever you go and whether you’re on a plane or a bus or a hotel room, you can easily study for your PMP Exam.

Mobile Apps

There are certain mobile apps available as well that offer exam simulations, on the go flashcards and various videos and study guides that can help you study while you’re in transit, in waiting rooms, in the car or on a plane. PM Champion offers a number of iPhone and iPad apps which give exam tips, guidance, exam simulations and many other features.


No matter where you are and what you’re doing, having a well-thought-out study plan, hard work and dedication, and some good on the go study material and guidance from online programs like PM Champion’s can help you realize your dream of getting that valuable PMP certification.

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