How to Isolate Yourself for Your PMP Exam Prep

Deciding to take on a PMP Certification Exam might be one of the biggest career choices you’ll ever make, but most of you will be doing this at a point in life when finding the time to study might be the hardest part of the process. You might be juggling a job, a family, excessive business travelling, or any number of other things while trying to do your PMP Exam prep.  Isolating yourself is an important part of concentrating on the material and here are a few tips on how to achieve this:

Plug Out and Disconnect

Today we have a million more distractions than we did even a decade ago, with too many gadgets supplying too many functions right at our fingertips. Even if you’re quite over Facebook and Twitter (which no one really is, ever), when you’re studying your mind tends to find a dozen more interesting things to do. The best thing to do during your prep time is to completely disconnect from technology. Don’t worry, the world will not come to an end, but it might just slightly unravel if you fail this very important exam.

Find a Fortress of Solitude

The next thing to do is find a quiet place to study with absolutely no distractions. You might have disconnected your gadgets and from social media, but you can never really disconnect the TV or the computer, or even your phone, not completely, especially if you live with other people. So your home and your room is out, so is a friend’s place. The library is your best bet; but if you have any other quiet places where you can really concentrate, like perhaps a personal study, an office, or a study hall, those could work too.

Draw Up a Schedule

If you know how to stick to it, a schedule with realistic goals could work wonders. No one can really isolate themselves completely, and in order to really find peace and quiet for a little while, you need to plan it out properly. You probably have many other important engagements, chores, and responsibilities to take care of, and you need to find the right time to get those done so that your mind is clear when you sit down to study, because a lot of distractions come from within. Isolate your mind by either getting other stuff out of the way, or knowing in your mind that there will be time later.

Headphones Are Your New Best Friend

Many a times when you’re trying to concentrate, the tiniest of noises can be distracting. Headphones go a long way in isolating these sounds and replacing them with white noise, tracks of which you can find on many websites and stores. You can also use these to listen to audio lectures and training sessions while your hands are busy with other mindless chores, such as doing the dishes.

Moderation is Key

Even after all this, your mind might still wander, this is because no one can study for hours on end without getting frustrated, and sooner than later you won’t really retain much anyway. Plus, you have people in your life that deserve a bit of your time even while you’re prepping for PMP Exams, and so you should schedule some time for socializing and fun.

However, it is important to keep this minimal and not to get carried away and party all night. Your mind just needs a short break, and after you’ve freshened up you can get back to work. The important thing is not to lose perspective, and to keep in mind what the goal is and how important your PMP Certification can be for your bright future.

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