How To Use The PMBOK Guide For Your PMP Exam Preparation


If you want to become a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), you have to first pass the PMP certification exam. In order to do that, you will need to be willing to devote a certain amount of time and energy to studying project management knowledge areas and processes. Luckily, there are many study guides and tools available to help you pass the PMP exam, including PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge, commonly known as the PMBOK Guide. It is also a good book to help you brush up on your project management skills, even if you don’t plan to take the PMP exam.

What’s in The PMBOK Guide?

The PMBOK Guide contains a treasure trove of valuable information about project management techniques. It is a well-respected and internationally known guide for project management. It contains 47 processes for overseeing projects from start to finish. The PMBOK Guide is broken down into several different sections. Those sections include everything from Initiation to Closure. As a whole, the PMBOK Guide can show you exactly how to oversee various projects and juggle things like time, quality, and costs of those projects. That’s why it is the basis and the most useful guide for those who are planning to take the PMP exam.

Granted ! The PMBOK Guide is Boring !

Some people argue that the Yellow Pages are more fun to read than the PMBOK Guide! So, you should be prepared to really focus when you study this book. It’s not something that you can just breeze through in a few days. Nevertheless, if you focus on the information, you should be able to absorb the gist of what the PMBOK Guide is teaching fairly quickly, specially if you combine it with some good quality PMP video training.

The PMBOK Guide is just a Reference Manual !

The PMBOK Guide is definitely a valuable reference tool. However, that’s all that it is. It’s not a textbook, and it’s not a word-for-word copy of the exam. In fact, many of the questions that are part of the PMP exam cannot be found within the pages of the PMBOK Guide. To put things another way, reading the PMBOK Guide is important, but memorizing the entire thing from start to finish will not guarantee that you’ll pass the PMP exam. The important thing is that you are able to understand the concepts described in the guide and show that you know how to apply those concepts during the exam. Exam questions will test your real knowledge of those concepts.

What You Can’t Find in the PMBOK Guide?

The PMBOK Guide is an excellent reference guide for the PMP exam, but studying it will only get you so far in the process. After all, it doesn’t contain everything that you need to know to be a successful project management professional, or to successfully pass the exam. There are a lot of important things that you can’t find in the PMBOK Guide. For example, it does not contain exam simulations, numerical examples, or multiple-choice questions. It also does not contain stories of hands-on experiences. All of those elements are important parts of your PMP exam preparation process, which is why the PMBOK Guide is not the only tool that you need to use in order to study for the exam.

Using The PMBOK Guide With Other Training Materials:

The PMBOK Guide is an excellent reference guide for you to study before you take the PMP exam. In fact, you should be sure to read it at least once prior to the exam. Nevertheless, no matter how much you read it, it’s best to also study the PMBOK Guide in conjunction with other reference materials. You should begin by choosing a good PMP video training to watch, starting with our Gold/Platinum packages compared here at They will walk you through the PMBOK chapters, with study plans, chapter tests and other valuable information. You can follow along with the PMBOK Guide while you watch the videos chapter by chapter.

You Need Time to Understand The PMBOK Guide

Regardless of what combination of reference materials you use with the PMBOK Guide, it’s important not to get too stressed before you take the PMP exam. You will do yourself a great disservice if you try to cram too much studying into too short a time. So, be sure to take your time and really understand the concepts in the PMBOK Guide and the other exam guides that you choose. That will give you the best chance of successfully becoming a certified Project Management Professional.

If You Need a Campanion Text Book

If you absolutely need a separate textbook, one of the best companion references is the Rita Mulcahy’s book based on the PMBOK Guide 5th Edition. It’s definitely a must-have guide for the exam, specially if you’re on a tight budget for buying any online video PMP trainings.




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