PM Work Experience Calculator

One of the main elements of the PMI Application is your Work Experience. To expedite the calculation of the detailed breakout of your work experience hours by category, use an Excel spreadsheet. If you do not have a current and complete list of the projects you have worked on over the prior five years or so, start with your resume and list all the projects you have worked on along with their date ranges.

Once you have filled in all the gaps of time, estimate the number of hours per week you spent on each project, and then extend that to the number of hours per month. Multiply the monthly hours by the number of months to get your total hours worked on a project. If during a certain period you worked on several projects at the same time, estimate the percent of time spent on each project. Let Excel then calculate the number of hours per project and per phase (process group). Tweak the percentages and let Excel provide you with the individual numbers that you will input into the online PMI application. The PMI online system will add up the total hours on each project and will give you a summary.

All this might become time-consuming and not add any value to your PMP Exam preparation, and this is where our PMP Work Experience Calculator Excel spreadsheet will come in handy:

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Before you enter your numbers to your online PMI application, make sure your estimate of hours truly indicate the hours spent on the project, not just at work. For example, if you are lucky enough to only work 40 hours per week, it is not realistic to assume all 40 hours were spent on one project, as some time will be spent on administrative tasks, other meetings, personal issues, etc.

Finally, if you have a university degree, PMI states that experience should be gained over a minimum of three years and a maximum of six years. In other words, you cannot state that you have 5,000 hours of experience gathered in two years. Make sure your earliest start date is at least 3 years old !